I am a philosopher, specialized in the philosophy of science and social epistemology. In particular, I focus on the epistemological and societal conditions of climate science, the role of values in science, science and democracy, and social mechanisms in science and academia.

For more information see here and here (in German) or here and here. You may also follow my work on academia.edu.


E-Mail: anna.leuschner@philos.uni-hannover.de


2015- : Postdoc at the DFG Research Training Group “Integrating Ethics and Epistemology of Scientific Research”, Leibniz Universität Hannover

2014-2015: Research Fellow at the Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS)

2012-2014: Research Fellow at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Philosophy Department

2011-2012: Assistant Professor at Bielefeld University, Philosophy Department

2010-2012: Lecturer at Bielefeld University, Philosophy Department

2009: Visiting Scholar at Columbia University, NYC; invitation: Prof. Philip Kitcher

2007-2011: PhD student (Darmstadt and Bielefeld) with a scholarship from the German National Academic Foundation; PhD thesis on The Credibility of Science: An Epistemological Analysis of Climate Science (Advisors: Prof. Martin Carrier & Prof. Alfred Nordmann)

2007: M.A. in Philosophy and History. Magister thesis on The Responsibility of Scientists: The Case of Genetic Use Restriction Technologies

2004: Exchange student at University of Reading, UK

2001-2007: Studies of Philosophy, History, and Literature at Bielefeld University